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About co-curricular Programs

Spirit to excel

We apply the philosophy of doing the very best we are able across all that we do.

Academic achievement is an important hallmark of success, but not the only one if we are to grow the whole person. The pursuit of excellence means different things to different students depending on their academic abilities and interests. At Peninsula, the number of ‘personal bests’ is of equal importance to us as the number of ATAR scores above 90. We rejoice in the success of those students who gain entry to the Medicine, Law or Arts faculties, just as we celebrate those who gain a pathway into the workforce as an apprentice. We support our students in finding paths that lead to personal fulfillment.

Building self-esteem and resilience is important to the development of all children which is enabled through our program of Positive Psychology. The breadth of our co-curricular programs and House activities is such that all students are able to find some activity in which they can find enjoyment and success. Sport, Music and Drama opportunities abound at Peninsula.

Our personal development program flourishes in the Middle Years, giving students the opportunity to learn new skills whilst interacting with students of similar interest at different year levels. Over the three years, the students will participate in a range of activities, many of which they may otherwise not have experienced.

A brief look at the wide range of co-curricular programs offered at Peninsula will show you that we do stand by our promise to provide a well-rounded education for our students.

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Personal Development Program
Adventure Club
Drama & Musical Theatre
French Exchange
House Competition
Music Program
Visual Arts
Outdoor Education Program

Sports Program 


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