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about the junior Years


Discovering Me

Welcome to our Junior Years Program “Discovering Me”. Students from Kindergarten 3 to the end of Year 4 will have the opportunity to flourish and grow as our curriculum design focuses on their academic and social development.

We understand the importance of students being involved in their learning and we know that children in this developmental stage will learn best by doing. We see enormous value in having opportunities for the students to interact, manipulate and collaborate with learning in a variety of ways. We look forward to inspiring and guiding the students as they embrace a love of learning.

Learning in the Junior Years is not restricted to the classrooms. We have wonderful outdoor facilities and grounds that allow us to engage with the environment, as well as an extensive specialist program that compliments the students’ learning and wellbeing. Our Kindergarten to Year 1 students are based in the Early Childhood Centre and the Year 2 to Year 4 students in the Clarke Centre.

Students in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 engage in an exciting camp program that challenges them with opportunities to extend their social and emotional skills focusing on teamwork, grit and resilience.

Our highly regarded Wellbeing program is underpinned by the science of Positive Psychology. Our Positive Education program encourages students to focus on things that are going well in their lives. Through acts of gratitude and optimism building, we develop their skills of resilience and happiness. We believe that students learn best when they adopt a positive growth mind-set and that,this enhances classroom performance. We use a strength based approach so all students can understand and value how they learn best and how they can set goals to achieve beyond expectations. This is complimented by the ‘Kids Matter’ program, which is a wellbeing program that focuses on connecting the local community, students and families in the development of healthy, positive connections. We look forward to inviting you to be a part of this initiative.

The success of a Peninsula Grammar education is the result of a collaborative approach between students, parents, teachers and the wider school community focusing on the holistic development of the student. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your family.

Download the Junior Years Handbook 2019 for further information about the exciting programs we offer.


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