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About the pre senior Year 9 program


Challenging Me

Our innovative Pathways 4 Life program is based on extensive research on how best to cater for the needs of adolescent learners. Year 9 students are located in their own building, the Pre Senior Year 9 Centre, situated between the Middle and Senior Years precincts. They are taught by a dedicated team of teachers, who work collaboratively to develop curriculum and teaching and learning resources.

A unique feature of Pathways 4 Life is the three two-week blocks students spend outside the regular classroom, in addition to many off-campus extended activities.

All students spend two weeks in Melbourne on our P2C (‘Peninsula to the City’) program which aims to provide students with the experience of working in the City of Melbourne, to develop group and independent working skills and give students some choice and input into the projects they complete. Assessment is based on a group task on either a particular precinct of the city or a topical issue, and an individual photo essay on a chosen theme. Students present their findings at school, in a form of their choice, to fellow students.

 Year 9s also attend a physically challenging ten-day Outdoor Education camp and also complete an extended individual learning project during Exhibition Week. The idea is for students to demonstrate mastery of a topic within one of the disciplines in the Year 9 course. In Pathways Week, students undertake community service initiatives and explore and observe a range of career pathways. The students also spend several days exploring the history and geography of the Victorian goldfields as part of an integrated Maths, Science, English and Humanities program.

Our Year 9 curriculum has a particular emphasis on health, nutrition and fitness. Students attend weekly training, participate in bushwalks and have the opportunity to take part in local fun runs. With an emphasis on leadership and community, students are collectively responsible for the cleanliness of the Pre Senior Centre. There are extensive opportunities for students to exercise leadership within the year group, running assemblies, activities and year group functions. There is, of course, a continuing emphasis on academic achievement, with a particular goal of stimulating and challenging students through tasks that require complex thought.

Discover more about our Pre Senior Year 9 program - download the Pre Senior Year 9 handbook 2018  (PDF, 6.1mb)


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