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Cadet Unit


The Peninsula Grammar Cadet Unit was established in 1965 and since that time has operated most successfully as part of the Personal Development Program.  Membership is voluntary.

Cadets provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development in our students. It seeks to develop leadership skills, to foster teamwork and to encourage an ethic of service, resiliency, mateship and self-discipline. It also offers a lot of fun and enjoyment. Students must commit to Cadets for a year, to experience the Bivouac in Term 2 and/or Annual Camp in Term 3 as these are two of the highlights of the cadet year. Enrolments are on-going and students may join the unit from the beginning of Year 7.

In the first year, the Cadets learn the basics of living and surviving in the field. Training at this stage includes hygiene, survival, living in the field, cooking, basic first aid, accepting responsibility for others, learning to function as part of a team, basic field engineering, etc. All training takes place during school time as part of the Personal Development Program.

In the second year and beyond, Cadets are given the responsibility for delivering lessons to Cadet recruits and they are given leadership opportunities in preparation for promotion courses which take place at Puckapunyal Military Training Area twice a year. These are run by  the Victorian Army Cadet Brigade and often staffed by Cadet Officers from School and Community Units.

Cadets also have the opportunity to use elements of their cadet experience to contribute to the successful completion of the Compass and Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Students must be twelve and a half years old at the time of enrolment in the Cadet Unit.

Involvement in the Cadet Corps includes training of a military but strictly non-warlike nature.

Students may, if they wish, continue their involvement through Years 10, 11 and 12. By this time they have usually attended promotion courses and are actively involved in the leadership and administration of the unit, serving as Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) or Cadet Under Officers (CUOs). This training greatly assists them in leadership roles in other positions of responsibility within the School and it is no coincidence that each year, the School's prefect body consists of a large number of Cadets and former Cadets. It must be emphasised that a Cadet in the Peninsula Grammar Cadet Unit is not, in any way, a member of the Australian Army.

CAPT (AAC) Christen Jacobs

Officer Commanding
Peninsula Grammar Army Cadet Unit



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