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It can be difficult for parents to find meaningful measures to apply when judging the effectiveness of the various schools they may have in mind for their child. Academic achievement is generally the first criteria everyone thinks about when trying to measure the ‘success’ of a school.

One of the most obvious measures available to parents is the VCE results. Whilst there is discussion about the validity of using these results as a comparative measure, Peninsula routinely has a median ATAR score that compares extremely favorably with schools of similar standing.

Comparison of Peninsula’s results with other schools should also be balanced with the fact that ours is a non-selective school. We aim to provide a well-rounded education for all who apply, addressing the specific needs of each student. We deliver a first rate education for all students, with success in all areas celebrated. At Peninsula Grammar, it is our aim that all students will be provided with opportunities to reach their potential and as such we celebrate personal bests and personal performance, rather than performance measures.

Peninsula records results well above State averages on all measured indices, regardless of age level; achieving highly enviable VCE academic results, year after year. How do we achieve this high academic standard in an open entry school? The curriculum at Peninsula Grammar is designed to maximize the educational opportunities of our diverse student population.

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