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international program - General Information

We welcome international students from all over the world to our School.

Our students come from as far afield as China, Japan, South East Asia, Germany, France and other parts of Europe, the US and South America. Most International students are accommodated in our Boarding Houses. We cater for 50 boys in Jaffray House and 22 girls in Heather Reilly House. Some students are permitted to move to Homestay, which is provided through a company operated by Monash University. Please read more about Homestay in Australia.

In addition to our boarders, we host regular cultural student exchange tours for two-four week visits. Our students also have the opportunity to travel on tours and exchanges to other parts of the world, most notably to the Notre Dame School on the outskirts of Paris and Shanghai Pudong Foreign Language School.

Our international students become part of a vibrant and caring school community in which a broad range of interests are carefully catered for. We seek to develop young men and women who achieve the best possible academic outcome while also being prepared for adult life in a broader sense.

Peninsula Grammar will only accept international students who have completed at minimum Year 9 or its equivalent in their home country. Upon entry students must be a minimum of 14 years of age by 30 March of the academic year.


Life in Jaffray House

Past student, Chris Zhou, created a great short video showing a snapshot of life in Jaffray House. Click to see Chris’ upbeat look at how our boarders spend their time.


Peninsula Grammar boasts its own English Language Centre where staff assist new international students to come to grips with the English language and the Australian way of life and in general to be well prepared for their future study of the VCE and beyond.

We take pride in carefully supervising an entire process for international students with plans for long-term study in Australia. This begins when we meet families in their own country or delegate our authorised agents to act on our behalf. Later we greet and transport new students when they first arrive at Melbourne Airport.

Most students are accommodated in our Boarding Houses where all their personal needs are attended to by our staff. If they need intensive English that is provided in our English Language Centre. Formal studies begin and we provide written reports to parents four times per year, with translation and interpretation services in key languages if required. Our VCE students receive intensive career guidance, so that when it comes time to begin tertiary studies they are well prepared and informed.

We supervise the university entrance procedure and provide students with all of the materials to ensure that they receive the appropriate visa, in a timely fashion, for further study.

Behind this service stands a dedicated and competent team of teachers, administrators, health and accommodation experts and counsellors.   

Having developed the expertise detailed above, Peninsula runs VCE programs in five cities in China and is one of the most respected and long standing providers of the VCE in that country.

We also support a newly developed school in Vikasnagar, near Dehradun in India. Known as The Peninsula School, India. Although it currently offers Indian curriculum we aspire to offer some Australian curriculum in the future. The school comes under the direct supervision of the Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of India.  

International students of the highest academic calibre and with outstanding English language skills can apply for our international scholarships, which are offered to a maximum of five students per year with 100% tuition fee remission for Years 11 and 12.

All this considerable activity, both in Australia and overseas, is managed by our International Department, situated at the Mount Eliza campus.

If you would like further information about Peninsula Grammar’s International Program, please contact our International Office on +61 3 9788 7858 or +61 3 9788 7819.

If you would like your child to attend our award-winning school contact our International Office on +613 9788 7858 or via email at

Application forms and further information

Download a PDF for further information on Boys' Boarding - Jaffray House Handbook 2019

Download a PDF for further information on Girls' Boarding - Heather Reilly House Handbook 2019

Download a PDF of our English Language Centre handbook 2019

Download a PDF of our Welcome to Homestay handbook 2019

Download a PDF of our International Enrolment, Application and Fees 2019

Download a PDF of our International Enrolment Agreement 2019

Download a PDF of our International Student Enrolment Medical Form


General International Policies

Download a PDF of our International Student Transfers Policy 2018

Download a PDF of our Recruitment of an International Student Policy 2018

Download a PDF of our English Language Proficiency Educational Qualifications Policy 2018

Download a PDF of our Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 2018


CRICOS Provider Code: 00333A

Approved Agents

Download a comprehensive list of our approved agents here.

Boarding House closure during school holidays

During school holiday periods the boarding house is closed.


To review the ESOS Framework, please visit:

The Commonwealth Register of Instructions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) can be found here:

CRICOS registration guarantees that the course and the education provider at which you study meet the high standards necessary for international students.

Australian government and other reference links

Our International Program at Peninsula Grammar is governed by an Act of the Federal Government of Australia. The Act is known as the ESOS Act. You can access this Act via:

International students and their families are encouraged to learn more about studying in Australia via:

The relevant legislation pertaining to international education in Australia is available here:

For school quality assurance matters, please refer to the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority’s website:

To learn more about the Tuition Protection Service (TPS), please visit their website at:

For more information from the Australian Department of Home Affairs, please visit:

For more information about the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), please visit:

The Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman Australia investigates complaints that international students have with private education providers, please visit:

The National Code is a set of nationally consistent standards that governs the protection of international students and delivery of courses to those students by providers registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Only CRICOS courses can be offered to international students studying in Australia on a student visa. The National Code is being reviewed as part of the overall reform of the ESOS Framework, for more information please visit:


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone 03 9788 7753 or email



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