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enrolment at peninsula grammar

Peninsula Grammar is an open-entry, coeducational school from 3YO Kinder through to Year 12. Our student body currently comprises over 1440 students. The School is divided into a series of Learning Areas, comprising:

• Early Childhood Centre – 3YO Kinder to Year 1
• Junior Years – Years 2-4
• Middle Years – Years 5-8
• Pre Senior Year 9
• Senior Years – Year 10-12   

At present, our maximum class sizes are:

  • 3YO Kindergarten: 18 students per class
  • 4YO Kindergarten:  22 students per class
  • Prep:  23 students per class
  • Year 1: 24 students per class
  • Years 2- 4: 25 students per class
  • Year 5: 18 students per class
  • Year 6: 20 students per class
  • Years 7-10:  25 students/class
  • Years 11 & 12:  approximately 25 students/class, but typically 15-25 students depending upon students’ subject choices.

We operate two classes per year level up to Year 5, when we add two additional classes. In Year 7 we add another two classes, bringing Year 7 up to six classes. This continues through to Year 10. A few students, often from overseas, will join the School for Years 11 and 12.

Our principal student intake years are Kinder, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 11 but places may be offered at other year levels where vacancies arise.

Age of enrolment

For entry into our 3YO Kindergarten program, children must have turned three by the 1st of January of the proposed commencement year. 

For entry into Prep, children must have turned five by the 30th of April of the proposed commencement year.

Students more than one year younger or older than the average age of other students in a particular year level will generally not be admitted to that year level.

Peninsula Grammar will only accept international students who have completed at minimum Year 9 or its equivalent in their home country. Upon entry students must be a minimum of 14 years of age by 30 March of the academic year.


Step One – Initial Contact with the School

Enquiries are welcomed by our Admissions staff. 

We hold four Open Days each year, one per term.  These are an excellent opportunity to visit the School during a typical school day, and meet with students and staff.  You are also welcome to arrange a personal tour of the School for your family if you wish.  Children are very welcome to accompany you on a school tour.

Our Admissions staff are very happy to assist if you have any questions, or if you wish to  arrange a School tour.  Please telephone 9788 7753 or email  

Step Two – Registration & Waiting Lists

It is never too early to consider registering your child, as places are limited and at some year levels there are substantial waiting lists many years in advance. Applications usually exceed the number of available places and the School has waiting lists across multiple year levels many years in advance. No obligations attach to registration.

To apply for a place at the School, please complete and return a signed Application to Register for Enrolment form, together with your Enrolment Fee.  This fee is $100 for one child, or $150 for two or more children registered at the same time.  Please call our Admissions Office to receive a copy of the form, or download a copy by clicking the following link –

Enrolment process, application and fees 2019

Enrolment Agreement 2019

International Enrolment, Application and Fees 2019

International Enrolment Agreement 2019

International Student Enrolment Medical Form

At this time, your child’s name will be registered on our waiting list for their relevant year of commencement.

Please note that registration for enrolment in no way guarantees a place at the School.

Priority placement on our waiting lists may be granted to students who:
• have, or who have had, a sibling at Peninsula Grammar;
• are the sons or daughters, or grandsons or granddaughters, of a past student of this school; or
• are transferring from another independent school of a similar calibre to Peninsula Grammar.

In most other cases, students will be registered on the basis of the date that we receive their Application to Register for Enrolment.

Please be aware that the School’s waiting lists are not static and are subject to constant change.  This may result from new prospective students registering for enrolment, or students transferring to one waiting list from another.

Whilst we are happy to provide general advice as to the likelihood of your child being offered a place at the School, we are unfortunately unable to provide specific information as to your child's place on the waiting list. 

Step Three – Confirming Enrolment

If a place becomes available at the relevant year level, we may invite you and your child for an interview with relevant school staff. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarise staff with your child, to provide information about the School and our programs, and to determine whether we can meet your child's needs. In some instances, we may make an offer without first interviewing a student.

An invitation for an interview is no guarantee of a position at the School. 

If a place is available for your child, a letter of offer will be forwarded to you, together with enrolment documentation. To accept the offer, these documents must be completed, signed and returned to the School, and the applicable Entry Fee paid, by the date specified in our letter of offer. Upon receipt, we will confirm your child's place.

Change to preferred commencement year

If the School is unable to offer your child a place, or if you decide to alter your child's preferred year of commencement, your child’s application may be moved to another year’s waiting list. This may be a verbal or written request and we will confirm the alteration in writing. Again, a change of this type is no guarantee of a place.

Unless your child is entitled to priority placement on the alternative waiting list, his or her position on that waiting list will be determined by their original registration date, not the date of the change.

Special needs

Please advise us when you register for enrolment if your child has any special needs, or if any special needs become apparent after you have registered. This information is essential so that the School may determine how best to meet the specific needs of your child, and whether in the circumstances the School is the most appropriate environment educationally, socially and developmentally.


International Scholarships

International scholarships are available for non-Australian students. Please click here for further information.

For further information on Peninsula Grammar's Scholarship Program, please email or call us on 03 9788 7753.


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone 03 9788 7753 or email



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