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Pastoral Care

Peninsula Grammar has a first class Pastoral Care program. We provide age-appropriate pastoral programs to all students. It is through these personal and life skill development opportunities that we monitor the overall educational experience and development of each child in our care.

It is important for all students to feel a strong sense of security and connectedness within the School community. Peninsula facilitates this through formal and informal approaches.

Pastoral care falls naturally to the classroom teacher in the Early Childhood Centre and Junior Years. In the Middle and Senior Years, where students move from one teacher to another during their daily timetable, pastoral care is facilitated at the respective year levels by Tutors, in conjunction with the Heads of Year and Heads of School. Tutors are most often the first point of contact for students seeking encouragement, assistance and support.

Informally, pastoral care is the province of the whole community. Nurturing positive relationships between students, teachers and parents form the foundation on which values such as respect, understanding and loyalty flourish at Peninsula.

We provide a network of support staff for our School community. The Chaplain has a special significance and is available to parents and students. Other members of our Pastoral team include our School Counselors, educational psychologists, careers advisers, medical staff, special education teachers and our Boarding House supervisors.

We believe an effective approach to pastoral care involves:

   •  Ensuring that students have a sense of safety, security and well being
   •  Developing in students an understanding of their physical, emotional and personal development
   •  Being consistent in expectations placed on students
   •  Engendering respect and tolerance for difference
   •  Cultivating student leadership opportunities
   •  Engaging students in appropriate career and vocational experiences
   •  Encouraging a Christian consciousness and moral values
   •  Nurturing resilience in students
   •  Building self worth, confidence and responsibility
   •  Developing positive social relationships and interpersonal skills.

It’s the pastoral nature of Peninsula Grammar, working in partnership with families, which characterizes the supportive environment where students have the confidence to take risks, to feel encouraged and challenged and are able to develop their potential to its full extent.

Chapel services are held every week which students are invited to attend on a voluntary basis. In addition, the Chaplain is available for counselling of individual students or groups of students in times of personal need due to grief or other circumstances. Students may approach the Chaplain directly to make arrangements for such pastoral support, or make use of reflection time and pastoral support provided by the Chaplain as a response to particular situations where a number of students are likely to require such care.

Members of the school community are invited by the Australian Government Department of Education to provide feedback regarding their experiences with, or opinions toward, the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program to the Principal, Mr Stuart Johnston, or to the School Chaplain. 


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone 03 9788 7753 or email



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