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Positive Psychology at Peninsula grammar

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how to live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. Positive Education applies this evidence-based knowledge in practical and relevant ways within a school environment, enabling our students to learn, grow and flourish.

In 2019, our Positive Education theme at Peninsula Grammar is ‘Healthy Habits’.

For sustainable positive change it is key that we set up healthy habits in all areas of our life. Habits are ongoing behaviour not simply a one-off act. The routine of habit implies conscious choice, a greater locus of control, autonomy & self-motivated accountability. We encourage our students to or review their current habits to see if they are healthy choices, and to implement healthy habits throughout the school day and set boundaries for their own self-management and self-care.

We can all benefit from healthy habits in the areas of:

  • Physical activity. Moving our body keeps our brain healthy. Research has found that exercise is the single most effective intervention to improve mental wellbeing
  • Sleep. Poor sleep hygiene is a common link for many students presenting with issues of stress, anxiety and depression. Healthy sleep habits have a positive impact on our learning, brain capacity and relationships
  • Digital hygiene. How often do we check our phone, mail or apps? Do we try to multitask as much as possible? Do we have tech-free time – especially late at night?
  • Study skills. Do we encourage and develop healthy study habits? Do we try to cram last minute? Are we building our knowledge through the year using healthy habits of learning and revision? Do we do homework before or after dinner? At a desk or in front of TV?
  • Nutrition. Are we in the habit of skipping breakfast? Are we eating late at night? Do we drink enough water to keep ourselves hydrated? Can we add healthy substitutes e.g. fruit instead of sugary snack?
  • Relationships. Do we set healthy boundaries within our relationships? Are we clear with expectations? Do we spend time caring for others and intentionally using our kindness? Are our online relationships healthy? Do we make time for face-to-face communication, laughter and friendship?

Our Positive Education department has a library of books available for loan and is available should you have any questions about this field. For further information on Positive Psychology and Positive Education at Peninsula Grammar, please contact our Director of Positive Education, Ms Therese Joyce.


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone 03 9788 7753 or email



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