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Peninsula Grammar Parents’ Association (PSPA)


Welcome to the PSPA

The Peninsula Grammar Parents’ Association is run by parents for parents. Last year we held some very special events such as:

  • Welcome Morning Tea events for our intake years K3, Y5 & Y7 and many other year levels.
  • Our annual Mother’s Day stall - always a highlight for the children and parents alike!
  • The Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Research
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast
  • A community ‘Winter Warmer Luncheon’ and welcome to new families
  • Annual Spring Luncheon
  • Christmas Market.


An important objective of the PSPA is to provide a forum for discussion of issues of interest to members regarding their children’s educational and social welfare. Many items that have initially been raised at PSPA meetings have been conducive to change and implementation, that have had direct benefit to our students and community.

The PSPA is for you and your support and friendship will enable the PSPA to flourish and strengthen.

All parents, especially those new to Peninsula Grammar, are welcome to become involved in the PSPA and its activities.  It is personally rewarding to ‘give back’ and know that you are making a contribution to the life of the School.


Executive Evening Meetings, 7.00pm, Pavilion (small end)

PSPA Commitee members only

1. Tuesday 12 February
2. Tuesday 26 March
3. Tuesday 30 April
4. Tuesday 16 July
5. AGM 22 August
6. Tuesday 8 October


General Morning Meetings, 8.30-45am, Pavilion (small end)

Coffee morning in the Pavilion - all welcome

1. Monday 18 February - Class Reps Welcome morning
2. Monday 6 May – Mother’s Day stall wrapping
3. Monday 26 August – Father’s Day Planning and helping
4. Monday 14 October – Spring Lunch Donations


Our committee

President: Jessica Whitfort

Vice President: Nancy Klein

Secretary: Melinda Neilsen

Treasurer: Andrew Parsons

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