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Spiritual Development

Peninsula Grammar is an independent school in association with the Anglican Church of Australia. As such, we are committed to Christian values and we encourage our students to explore the spiritual dimensions to their lives and to follow Christian ethics, whilst respecting the beliefs of those from other faiths.

A person’s spiritual development is considered to be as important as their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. All students from Prep to Year 10 undertake our Religion & Values Education program as part of the curriculum, while in Years 11 and 12 the VCE course is optional.

The Religion & Values Education program is designed to enable students to think for themselves about the big questions of life, such as Why am I here? Is there a purpose to life? How am I going to live my life? It is a broad curriculum of study that aims to incorporate physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions to aid students in developing a holistic perspective on wellbeing.

As they progress through the School, students are given opportunities to examine and respond to the claims of the Christian Faith and so develop their own spiritual understanding. Students attend assemblies and Chapel services. In addition, students may choose to attend the weekly Communion service.

The School acknowledges the cultural and religious diversity of contemporary Australian life. Students are encouraged to understand the religious views of others in order to develop tolerance and appreciation of beliefs different from their own.

School Chaplain

The School's Chaplain, Reverend Mark Sweeney, is available to all members of the School community for baptism and confirmation, wedding preparation and funerals. He works in close cooperation with the local Anglican parish in Mt Eliza and with its congregation which meets in the Chapel of the Resurrection each Sunday at 10am.

Peninsula Grammar Prayer

Lord God from whom all life and all true gladness spring,
we ask you to send your blessing upon this school:
upon those who teach and those who learn,
upon those who give and those who lead,
that daily accepting the guidance of your Holy Spirit,
and holding fast to all that is good,
we may worship and serve you all our days
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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